The next list he gets will include "take out the garbage"

Bachelor Check List

Here is a fun list of items that you can make the Bachelor do on his last night out.

Do a shot

Watch porno movies

Eat the last slice of pizza, the last buffalo wing, whatever

Write the name of your bride on your right palm.

Get someone to talk dirty to you

Dance with two women at once.

Moon someone on the highway

Drink some rot-gut whiskey

Stuff a dollar in someone's underwear.

Kiss a woman older than your mother

Convince a woman to rub the best man's shoulders

Buy the hottest woman in the bar a drink

Go talk to her and get DISSED!!!

Get a girl to kiss you

Get a girl to spank you.

Ask at least 5 women if they are your fiance.

Tell someone to kiss your ass.

Get someone to buy you a shot

Have a beer chugging race with the rest of the bachelor party

Get someone's number (in case you decide to bail).

Convince a stranger you're bride to be is still a virgin.

Try to convince a woman that men don't need to remain virgins before marriage, but woman must. Develop a rational case for this.