Some Handy Tips for Using a Blow Up Doll Properly

Blow Up Doll Tips
List of Things to Do With a Blow Up Doll
  1. Hold your beer in one of the many "love orifices"
  2. Ride on your motorcycle with the doll on the back.
  3. Access the car-pool lane on the local freeway.
  4. Lay it on the train tracks, Wait for excitement to happen
  5. Send to a friend, see if they mention it or if they suddenly start spending evenings with a mysterious new "friend".
  6. Put Baby Ruth Candy Bar in Rear "Love Orifice" Leave in the sun.
  7. Dare friends to eat baby ruth.
  8. Fill with Helium, carry around attached to a string.
  9. Bring Helium filled doll to post office. Tell clerk you want to ship it to Japan and that they owe you money.
  10. Makes a good scarecrow.
Have an idea to add? Click Here to Send it to me. told me they are going to add some blow up dolls to their lineup. "Really cheap, ugly ones" was what I think they said. That should be about perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party (I'm pretty sure they will have guy dolls too.)