I Never Bachelorette Game

I Never Bachelorette Game
Drinking Games for Bachelor Parties

I Never - The Bachelorette Party Game

Here is how to play: Sit in a circle or around a table. Each person will read a phrase starting with "I never". Anyone who has done this fiendish act must drink. The innocent women do not have to drink (they never have any fun anyway).

Here is an example: The Bachelorette says "I never kissed a man over 40 years old". This is followed by most of the moms in the crowd drinking.

Here is a list of "I nevers" to get you started. The game works best when you make your own. Please don't say "I never slept with the groom". This is considered bad taste.

  • I never...
    • Cheated on a boyfriend
    • Went skinny-dipping
    • Have seen a male stripper (you might want to play this game early in the evening).
    • lied about my age.
    • Lied about my weight.
    • Lied about my height
    • Stuffed my bra.
    • Used food in the bedroom.
    • Did a striptease for my steady.
    • Had a striptease done for me.
    • Had a one nigh stand.
    • Used a sex toy.
    • Wore a skirt without underwear.
    • Smoked Marijuana.
    • Had Liposuction
    • Had sex in a car.
    • Had sex in the living room.
    • Have been tied up.
    • Had sex on an airplane.
    • Had sex in an elevator.
    • Had sex in a swimming pool or hot tub.
    • Had sex outside.
    • Shoplifted.
    • Threw up in public.
    • Masturbated in the presence of someone else.
    • Woke up with a man who I didn't know.
    • Participated in a hot-oil massage
    • Fooled around with someone a friend liked.
    • Kissed another woman.
    • Kissed two different guys in one night.
    • Went out with a married man.
    • Had a homosexual dream.
    • Sunbathed Nude.

You might have noticed that these are all things you are not really supposed to do. If you did notice this, you understand the game perfectly.

This game is especially fun if you know a good friend has done some goofy things. Say for example your friend Wendy peed her pants once in the 6th grade. You could say "I never peed my pants in the 6th grade Christmas pageant". Everyone will be looking around to see who the heck you are talking about. Wendy will have to drink. Watch out! Wendy probably knows something nasty about you as well...

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