Bachelor Party / Bachelorette Party Checklist

Bachelor Party / Bachelorette Party Checklist
Bachelor Party Tips
  • Timing - Try not to have the party on the eve of the wedding. This is very bad for everyone involved including your friend. It is highly likely that he (or she) will be spending a good part of their life savings the following day, they will want to be sober for it. A week in advance is a good idea. Even a month in advance is acceptable. Friday and Saturday nights are best.
  • Food - You probably won't be expected to truly feed everyone, however you should provide something to eat. It could be pot luck (in the case of a bachelorette party) or it could be included in the admission charge (in the case of a bachelor party). Make sure you have a handle on the
    • Type
    • Amount
    • Timing
    • Provider (caterer, pizza place, your mom, etc.)
  • Facility - If the party is going to be a little larger than you can handle in your house, you can:
    • Hold it at a friends house! or
    • Have it outside (as in a cookout)
    • Rent a hall - This is a common solution for bachelor parties because they can be a little rowdy and halls are generally free of anything breakable.

    No matter where you have the party you still may need some items such as tables, chairs, and maybe even table cloths. Usually rental companies (look up "rental" in the yellow pages) have these items at reasonable prices.

  • Entertainment - This is covered in a few other areas on the site. You might want to choose a couple from the list of : Games, gags, gifts, movies, and live entertainment.
  • Transportation - Make sure that someone is going to be responsible for transporting your crowd of crazed party-goers to their destination. Renting a Limosine is nice but is quite expensive ($300 or so is not unreasonable for 8 people for the night). Renting a large passenger van is usually not very expensive and they can carry as many as 15 people (usually about $70 but you'll need a sober friend to drive). This might make a rental van a good alternative. Make sure you have a responsible driver that can handle staying out until everyone is dropped off.
  • Itinerary - Sometimes it helps if you know where you will be going. If you call ahead, most strip clubs will waive the cover charge for bachelor or bachelorette parties. If not, they will surely save the bride or groom-to-be a place down front.

    Don't tell everyone the itinerary. Telling the itinerary in advance will cause the future spouse to find out (trust us, they will). Keep it a secret until the party begins.

  • Be Sneaky - You should make sure that you have something up your sleave. Remember, this party is not thrown to honor the soon to be married, it is to convince them that they are making the right decision. Why not send them off with a reminder of how cruel everyone except their spouse can be. Here are some ideas:
    • Replace stripper with dominatrix. I was at a party where the dominatrix dressed the groom up in a dress. It was hilarious (unless you were the groom).
    • Have stripper embarrass the bride. I've heard of a club where the male took off his thong to reveal the brides name tagged to his penis.
    • Have stripper embarrass the groom.
    • Here are some bachelor party faux pas:
      • No pictures are allowed.
      • No telling their future spouse where you will be.
      • You should try to respect the wishes of the bride or groom but not necessarily the wishes of their future spouse.
      • No PG rated parties.