Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt
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Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

This hunt is designed for the guests to laugh, while the bachelorette completes the tasks. Alternatively, the group could split into multiple teams to each complete the tasks - using a polaroid camera to verify task completion.


1) Find a guy who lets you paint his toenails. Grab toejam for bonus points.

2) Ask a guy (not the bartender) for change for the condom machine.

3) Standing on a chair, remove your bra. Some guys would love it if you took off your shirt to do this, but I don't know many girls that don't know how to take off their bra with their shirt still on.

4) Collect a pair of men's underwear. Points deducted for skidmarks.

5) Kiss the ugliest guy in the room. Who determines who's ugly and who's pretty? This debate of who to kiss could become a game in itself. Advice: don't suggest a partygoer's spouse, or your Uncle Ralph.

6) Collect 10 men's business cards with a "good luck" message on the back of the card (pass them to your eligible friends).

7) Find a poster of a guy: erotically kiss and caress the picture. A great place for this is at a movie theatre - lots of people standing in line for Star Wars will be entertained when your bachelorette goes crazy over a poster of some lame actor.

8) Rub two different liqours on either side of your neck. Have guys sample them and guess the flavor until someone gets both liqours correct. Laugh hysterically while wierd guys lick your friends neck, and ponder the taste the just sampled.

9) Perform a tequila body shot: drink the tequila from a shot glass; lick salt from a guy's neck; bite the lime from the guy's mouth. Lip lock has been know to occur during this last step if the body used for the shot is appealing to the bachelorette.

10) Depending on your creativeness and some personal insight you may invent a few more tasks for this list. This is your big chance to get even with that rotten, no good bachelorette friend your jealous of.