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Bachelorette Party Game Comparison Test

As you may or may not know yet, this site is sponsored by We send them customers and they send us a check every month based upon how much stuff those customers buy. It works out pretty well for both of us. Sometimes, they even work together with me on making both sites better. We recently did a comparison test of bachelorette party games. I gave my input in exchange for being allowed to post a copy of the results on this site. I hope you enjoy the reviews..

In this comparison test we gathered up the games that are on decks of cards, or that require the bachelorette to do some kind of challenge or dare. It's important to make the bachelorette's last night out a memorable one, and these games are a very popular way to get the bride-to-be out of her shell as well as get the rest of the guests to have a good time.

I decided to give them a rating of 1 - 10. Ten being the highest. I hope this will help you decide which games to buy or not buy.

Bachelorette's Bar Challenge: Rating: 7
This deck of cards comes with a set of rules that makes a very structured game. Make sure you check those rules out before you start drinking! The challenges are cute but they are all for the bachelorette and not really for the rest of the guests. Of course you can play this game anyway you like, but there is a lot of drinking, flirting, and kissing involved. Maybe that IS best left to the bachelorette.

Willy Says: Rating: 8
Have you ever let a dick tell you what to do? I have, and those relationships sucked. If you're going to let a pecker be the boss of you, I suggest you pick up the Willy Says Game. Willy is a fun, happy penis that will only tell you to do outrageous, silly things on the night of the bachelorette party. It's just like Simon Says, but with Willy.

Last Night Out- Dare to Have Fun: Rating: 5 Raunchy Meter: 11 Wow! This game is wild. This card game can be played by everyone and you score points to determine a winner. That seems harmless enough right? Wait until you see what you have to do! It's disturbing. These dares range from "Get A Guy To Sing To You," to "Get A Guy's Pubic Hair- 25 extra points if it is GRAY!" This game may require some pre game drinking.

That Guy Game (Male Stereotypes): Rating: 9
This card game is very amusing. I like it because it is a cute and different idea for a bachelorette party or girls night out. Also, it's not really a game of dares, which can be uncomfortable to do. It's more of a bachelorette party scavenger hunt where you find different types of guys. Like we don't do that already, Right? The cards have very funny illustrations of guys to point out and laugh at. For example: Sweaty Dancer Guy, Fake Tan Guy, and Mullet Guy. The girl who finds the most guys, is the winner. There are also cards to make guys do things like dance alone or buy a drink.

Drink Master Says: Rating: 8
When people have a get together and start drinking, they usually like to play drinking games. This deck of cards is one of those games. There isn't much to it. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards first. Along the way, you might have to drink with no hands, balance stuff on your head, or be a part of a burping competition. Dares, drinking, and laughing at your friends...a perfect game for a Bachelorette Party, if you ask us.

Dirty Minds Game: Rating: 7 This game is a fun game not just for bachelorette parties, but for anytime you have a group of people over. Dirty Minds is the game of naughty clues, which give you surprisingly clean answers. The object of the game is to collect game cards by guessing the correct clean answers to the Dirty Minds clues provided. The first person to spell the word "D-I-R-T-Y" with their collected cards is the winner. Examples of Dirty Minds clues: You slide me in a slit to get me hot. Your gooey liquid fills my holes. You eat me in the morning. The answer: A Waffle.

Sobriety Test Rating: 7 Sobriety Test will cause severe bouts of cheering and giggles, and may result in the most awesome party you've ever had. Your bachelorette party will be complete with rock star performances, champion moves, crack-up displays of clumsiness, loss of coordination, and a boost in brilliant, short-lived ideas. The object of Sobriety Test is to get rid of all your drink tokens. Do this by rolling the die and following the instructions on your card. You may have to pour a shaken beer into a glass without spilling a drop. You may have to play an impromptu game of horseshoe. You may have to hold a pencil between your nose and upper lip, all the while singing, "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

Napkin Trivia Game: Rating: 3 I thought this 'trivia' game would have interesting facts and questions on each napkin. But it doesn't. Each napkin has a series of questions to answer about the bachelorette. Whoever gets the most right wins. Boy, was I disappointed.

We know how busy you can become when you are planning the biggest, wildest, most embarrassing bachelorette party your town has ever seen. That's why we are here to help. Because we have such a large variety of products, it may not be easy to choose which item will be best for your party. We hope this comparison test of bachelorette party games helps your search and makes your bachelorette party a lot of fun.