Bachelor Party / Bachelorette Party Activities

Bachelor Party / Bachelorette Party Activities
Bachelor Party Tips
This section will include some activities that can be included in a bachelor party.

You will have to use your judgement as to whether these acts are acceptable and will be tolerated. We are merely providing you with a list to start with. How you use it is your own responsibility. The guide is color coded.

Blue is primary for the boys

Pink is primarily for the ladies

Green is a go for both

Red is not really recommended.

  • Drinkin - What party wouldn't have a lot of drinking. Since bachelor/ette parties are all about letting it hang out, drink harder. See our list of appropriate cocktails for some party drink ideas!
  • Punishing The Groom / Bride - Plan on some form of punishment or public humiliation for the honoree. Making them look like an idiot is always appropriate. A big condom hat, or a penis pacifier is good. The old ball and chain will let everyone you encounter know who is being taken off the market. A stupid t-shirt is always a classic. Perhaps something you made yourself with a magic marker.
  • Gamblin - For some reason gambling is sometimes present at bachelor parties. It is appropriate for a cut of the house winnings to go to the "stag" (the fund that is given to the groom at the end of the party). Be warned though, sometimes the stag is spent by the best man on lap dances.
  • Drinkin Games - You are going to need to drink fast and what better way to do it than drinking games (well, you could just drink shots). Quarters (sometimes called quarter bounce) is good, so are others like asshole, thumper, viking. I'm sure you know a few. No? You don't know any drinking games? Call of the wedding you need to live a little first.
  • Eating greasy food - Pizza is good, buffalo wings, a gigantic sub, burgers, fried chicken, all of these are appropriate for a bachelor party. The only rule you must follow is that no one can make any of the food (unless it is a barbecue) everything must be purchased. Remember, this is all about excess, not about Mom's homemade recipe.
  • Opening Gifts - Sometimes bachelorette parties attendees bring gifts (this never happens at bachelor parties unless budweiser in a brown bag is considered a gift). Be warned that these gifts are rarely well-meaning. Even more rare would be a useful bachelorette party gift. Those edible underwear don't launder very well. Single use only.
  • Playing With Party Favors - Part of the fun will surely be had with party favors. See our section on blow-up-doll etiquette. Penis shaped straws for the ladies, boob-shaped can covers for the boys. Everybody have fun, you can't act this way around your future spouse.
  • Dirty Jokes - OK, its time to tell the really raunchy ones. You know, the ones that are not acceptable in the office.
  • Druggin - Not really recommended, but certainly practiced by many.
  • Watchin Porno Flicks - The rule of thumb here is that porno flicks at a bachlor party are meant not to be arousing, but to be disgusting. Try to find ones with titles like: "What's that stink?" or "big mama jama". A good bachelor party porno should be painful to watch. Afterall, who wants to stand around a bachelor party with a stiffie. It is better to gross-out your friends. Any titles that are non-English speaking are good. I saw a German one where a woman stood on her head and pissed all over herself. Perfect!
  • Playing Party Games - Bachelorette parties often have party games. Guys if you somehow find yourself in the hell that many call a "Jack and Jill" party you will be forced to play games such as "pin the dick on the dude" or the version for men with no backbone that couldn't get a bachelor party "pin the boobs on the babe".

    Men that have a real bachelor party might end up with other games such as "pull the groom out of the gutter" or "get the best man off the stripper" etc.

  • More Drinkin - If someone isn't out of control, you need to drink some more. Have you seen our guide to bachelor and bachelorette drinks?
  • Public Humiliation - In an earlier section we discussed punishing the groom and bride, but here you should make sure that the punishment is administered in a public place. Common public humiliation includes making the bride do a checklist of dares, or having the groom stripped to his underwear at the local titty-bar.
  • Strippers - Strippers are a must-have at any self respecting bachelor or bachelorette party. See our guide to getting the most out of your stripper.
  • A "Show" (lesbians, barn animals, etc.) - Want a bachelor party that everyone will remember? You'll want to have a show. Be warned, though the shows rarely live up to advanced billing.
  • Hookers - You can figure out what this means. If you are dumb enough to do it, be smart enough to wear a condom. Don't bring anything home.
  • Vomitting - Any self-respecting groom will end up the night to plastered to perform any acts that aren't allowed. It's a fine line however, between being too plastered to pop and puking. A good best man can show the groom past that line.
  • A band - Think of a band as a bunch of people that you don't know, that will eat your food, watch your strippers, and take your money all too hear a few songs that sound similar to the ones you hear on the radio. Screw the band or the strippers might.
  • Lying - This is sort of a lingering effect of a good bachelor party. The better the party, the longer you will have to lie for. Even a mediocre bachelor party can make for a good 40 years of lying.
  • Getting Caught - Note that this one is in blue, meaning for the guys only. This is because women never get caught doing anything wrong. Also because most women are too goody-goody to do anything worth getting caught over. A warning though, there is always a rat-bastard in every bunch. If yours is too close to your future spouse you might find yourself in this situation. You are fucked. Be especially wary of the brides "platonic friends" who are really just repressed homosexuals that are looking for the ideal woman to break their desires for men. They want to take your bride away from you. Yes, if you aren't careful they will take her to the mall to shop for shoes. Bastards.