Bachelorette Dress Up Game

Bachelorette Dress Up Game
Dress Up Game

Here is a fun game you can play at a Bachelorette Party.

You might also be able to play it at a Bachelor Party, but it might not work as well.

The game is called "Dress Up The Doll". Here is what you will need:

  1. Hand-cuffs
  2. A blow up guy doll.
  3. A public place with lots of guys.

First, cuff the blow up doll to the bride-to-be. Next, bring both characters to the public place. The object of the game is to ask guys to give you articles of clothing so that the bride can cover up her "boyfriend's" nudity. She wins when he is fully clothed (just like in strip-poker, socks count but hats do not).

Guys will be stopping left and right to offer you their clothes. Some of them might even strip down to give up their underwear. Trust me however, you might not want to handle a guys underwear (those skid marks will kill you). Try not to set up shop outside of a Mexican restaraunt.

If the bride is a little shy, the bridal party can help out. You might find it takes very little effort to get guys to talk to a woman who is handcuffed to a blow up doll.

Bachelor parties might have more trouble with this game because women that are out on a Friday night aren't going to give up their clothes. Most women will be wearing their newest, most expensive stuff and I doubt they will give it to a bunch of drunk guys. Men are more willing to give up clothing. Heck, most of you buy the stuff at Old Navy for less than 10 bucks anyway.