Building steps for the ball & chain

Building steps for the ball & chain
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How to make the ball and chain:


-----> Step One - mix the two part epoxy (HOT TIP! - squirt the epoxy directly into the thumb hole of the ball, then stir it. This generates less mess).


-----> Step Two - place one end of the chain into the thumb hole, with the premixed and waiting expoxy. Sink the chain into the hole a few inches. To keep the chain in the hole as the epoxy dries use a piece of masking tape to hold it in the hole.


-----> Step Three - let the epoxy dry. This seems to be a step that shouldn't be forgotten, but I'm reminding you just in case you've started pre partying. Depending on the epoxy, you'll need to let it dry for up to 12 beers.


-----> Step Four - test it out on a friend. Place the end opposite the ball around their leg. Lock the chain back to itself after passing it around the leg. Be careful not to lock both legs together unless you want them to hop around. If you're feeling mean pat your pockets with a worried look on your face, implying that you've misplaced the key. Say to your friend, "hold on, the key's in the other room." Then wander off and watch TV. When they come looking for you, say, "oh, the key!" You can unlock them now.


-----> Step Five - sneak the ball and chain onto your bachelor or bachelorette. You might use the guise of sitting at the table and having a friend crawl underneath and lock them up. You might do it while they're standing at the bar. Or you might resort to force, wrestling them to the ground and locking them up.