Extra tips for enjoying the ball & chain

Extra tips for enjoying the ball & chain
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Extra Tips and modifications for your ball and chain:


-----> you can paste a picture of the actual future spouse to the ball


-----> you can paste a picture on the ball of someone the bachelor/bachelorette really doesn't like


-----> you can draw some lame smiley face on the ball


-----> you can fill the other two finger holes with vaseline or something so the ball is not easily carried, and those holes are unpleasant to touch


-----> get a pink ball for your male friend


-----> get a black ball and put a BIG 8 on it


-----> you can make an actual padded cuff for the leg attachement out of carpet foam or pipe insulation


-----> you can make this ball a reusable item. have the bachelor/ bachelorette sign their spouses name. there's supposedly balls out there with over 100 names on them


-----> you could mail the key to the bachelor/bachelorette. maybe fed ex so they aren't tied up too long. or you could give the key to the future spouse to unlock the victim the next day...