Materials needed for making a ball & chain

Materials needed for making a ball & chain
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To make a ball and chain you'll need the following items:


-----> Bowling Ball - these are usually about $2 at the Salvation Army. It doesn't take much work to find them for less than $5. Check Value Village, Thrift Stores, or Bowling Alleys.


-----> Chain - pick this up at your local hardware store. It's usually on a roll that allows you to get the exact length you'll need. Get at least four feet, no more than six feet. The thickness of the links or color is up to you, it's all for asthetics. Do make sure you're not buying links too large to fit into the thumb hole of your bowling ball.


-----> 2 part epoxy - pick this up at the very same hardware store that sells you the chain. This type of epoxy dries quickly and insures the chain won't easily come out of the ball, as well as filling in the gap inside the hole, around the chain.


-----> Lock - the type is up to you. Use the old fashion key lock, or the high school locker combination padlock. If you hit the back to school sales or office stores you can find combination locks in all sorts of odd colors. This materials picture also shows a non-locking carabiner. This is an option if you don't want to lock up your bachelor/bachelorette, but want to give them the effect of being locked up.


-----> Tape (preferably masking or duct tape) - you only need about a four inch strip. You'll use this to hold the chain in place while the epoxy dries around it.